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Purchased The Adapaters To Connect My Primary And 12 Volt Sump Pumps
[ Friday June 23rd 2017 at 10:25 pm ]

I've just arrived home from Home Depot. That was a really successful shopping trip. The Home Depot employee didn't "bat an eye" when he saw my 12 volt battery back up pump. I have purchased all the fittings needed to connect the 12 volt and also a primary household electricity sump pump. Now I just need the adapters I mail ordered, 12 volt ('low voltage') electrical wire, ABS drain and the rectangle garbage can I am using as the basin to fit my two pumps.

I was dreading this trip. I had made a trip yesterday for this purpose. It just didn't go well. I wasn't finding what I was looking for. The 12 volt pump has an awkward discharge size. It was best to start fresh with an employee who has helped me in the past. This has paid off.