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The Leaf Blower For My Sand Blaster Has Shipped
[ Tuesday February 13th 2024 at 11:16 am ]

Amazingly the leaf blower is going to be delivered tomorrow. I purchased one that had been returned. It was discounted because it has been returned and the packaging had been opened. It looks like it is 2022 stock and was already being discounted for the cost to manufacturer it + $5 for the cost of delivering it. But there was an additional $5 discount for it having been returned.

The last thing I need is a metal funnel to narrow the opening the blasting media will go through. I have found steel funnel available for sale on the WalMart website shipping from China with a 10 day wait. I am happy to order this and wait the 10 days. I just want to first confirm that this slips over top of the opening on the leaf blower.

Before going the "modify a leaf blower into a sand blaster" route I had been looking a the various models of sand blasters available. The hobby "weekend warrior" DYIer models are all gravity fed with a compressor being hooked up to the spray gun. There is no reason I am able to come up with that this won't work.

The professional model sand blasters have 2 grades:

  • The first style is gravity fed from a box where the base of it is angled to a point. This is the inverse of a house roof where the roof has been split into 4 and has a peak in the center and the blasting media is mixed with air from a compressor as it is gravity fed into a hose from the center.
  • The other style is where a bucket (The same idea as a bucket that holds water to wash the floor) is above what you are sand blasting, gravity feeds the hose and an air compressor is fed into the hose to propel the blasting media. What I am seeing leads me to believe this is what is used for removing paint and rust from a car, truck, boat, etc. (anything larger than what can't be sand blasted inside a sand blasting box.

In other words I am feeling confident that I am able to at least match what is being sold as a weekend warrior DYIer version of a sand blaster. In terms of the air flow: I've picked a leaf blower that exceeds the air rating used on a sand blaster so I end up with the same math result of the PSI x cubic feet per minute rating of what would be happening should I instead have purchased a sand blaster. Additionally I am under the impression that I am saving in the region of $300 based on what would be needed for buying a DYIer sand blaster + a 10 gallon air compressor.