Living Life In A Wheelchair

Prepared A Summary Statement For My Physiotherapy Intake Assessment
[ Tuesday November 1st 2016 at 8:46 am ]

This morning I woke up with an idea. It was to prepare a background history so the physiotherapist treating me will understand me, where I am coming from and form a starting point in treating me. I've just spent the past 2½ preparing this. Normally I prepare a 1 page medical history and a 1 page impact statement for any surgeon considering treating me. This document is a total of 6 pages. Much of it is in point form. I've divided it into several sections:

  • History
  • What I Am Feeling / Pain Sensations
  • Typical Physiotherapy Under The Direction Of My Family Doctor
  • In Home Equipment I Own
  • Pain Medication
  • My Use Of A Power Wheelchair Statement
  • My Needs And Wants

I am off to the physiotherapy clinic to arrange my initial physiotherapy intake assessment. I also need to sign a release so the new physiotherapist treating me may have access to the in home physiotherapy session notes following my hip joint replacement surgeries.