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Purchased New Curtains For Around My Computer
[ Tuesday November 7th 2023 at 2:11 pm ]

I have been looking at what is available for curtain panels from Giant Tiger on their website. There is a wide variety. Some are rated as being "black out" curtains. This means they will block the sunlight as I sleep. I really need it dark. Otherwise I don't go into a deep sleep. I have gone over to my local store. I just purchased a pair of these as well as a curtain rod. These will now go up where the black garbage bag was. I think I am able to do enough to get the window blocked for tonight's sleep. Then I will see if my friend Joe is able to finish the installation off for me on the weekend. I didn't intend for the black garbage back to remain in place so long. I never though about off gassing coming from the plastic causing irritation of my eye. Everything considered this is a good outcome considering the chronic eye ailments that happen to people as they age.