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Set In Motion Maintenance For My Power Wheelchair
[ Wednesday November 1st 2023 at 3:40 pm ]

I recently reached out to my disability case worker to inquire if she would approve the funding required for maintenance of my power wheelchair. What my power wheelchair requires are new tires, bearings and batteries. The tires and batteries are the originals that came with my power wheelchair. My disability case worker has agreed to this. I printed off my request and her indication that she would approve funding for this maintenance and delivered it to the business I contract to service my power wheelchair.

All 6 tires are now bald. I have wore them out. My power wheelchair is not a statue. I use it and am so glad I have it. The problem with the tires being bald is that they aren't gaining proper traction when I am being loaded onto a para-transit vehicle for my appointments. Without new tires my wheelchair will become unusable during the winter months. The tires won't be suitable for the winter months.

The batteries aren't holding a charge now. The distance my power wheelchair is able to drive before needing to be be recharged is less than 50%. This will drop another 30% during the cold winter weather. The batteries that came with the power wheelchair are no longer fit for purpose and need to be replaced. Typically 500 charge cycles is considered good. These batteries have served me well.

Replacing the tires, bearings and batteries should mean my power wheelchair is good for another 3 years. My power wheelchair is very much tied into my quality of life. I will be glad to get this done.