Living Life In A Wheelchair

Inquiring If I Am Allowed To Make A Self Referral For A Dietitian
[ Friday June 16th 2017 at 7:57 am ]

I've discovered that over the past 8 months I've lost 12 pounds. I am back to my pre-wheelchair weight in 2006.

I remain very limited in what I am able to do with my legs. I've been able to do more lengths in the pool using my arms.

When I started using a wheelchair in 2009 my family doctor and I had a discussion when I asked what I needed to do in order to avoid becoming obese. He encouraged me to count calories. I recently read an article which stated between 250 and 500 calories an hour is lost while using a swimming pool. I've been very careful about what I eat and portion size. I am thinking the loss of weight has gradually occurred from slightly increased activity in the pool.

This morning I contacted Eat Right Ontario to inquire the process to receive consultation from a dietician through my health care coverage.