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Submitting Photograph And Paperwork In Advance Of My Knee MRI Imagining
[ Wednesday June 14th 2017 at 7:52 am ]

I've also prepared a 2 page summary in advance of the MRI imaging of my knee joints on Monday. Prior to each MRI imaging session there is a screen questionaire the patient will take. This form doesn't allow proper space for my complicated history. I've wrote out the details of:

  • Previous Knee Imaging
    • Type of imaging
    • Date it occurred
    • Facility where this took place
  • Previous Surgeries
    • Date of each operation
    • Hospital where it was performed
    • Description of each surgery
  • Present Concerns
    • This is the set of symptoms I experience virtually each day
  • Other Pertinent Details
    • A very concise background of functional abilities which will focus the radiologist on the joint line of both my knee joints

I also have a photograph that really highlights the challenges of my knee joints. It shows the discoloration and swelling I experience.

I've e-mailed these documents to the patient relations group of my local hospital with a request that they be forwarded onto the radiologist. I am trying my best to make good use of the resources used on me.