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Purchased The Hardware For Mounting Acrylic (Plexiglas) To The Laser Engraver Vent Hood
[ Thursday May 11th 2023 at 12:20 pm ]

I have been struggling with pain and broken sleep during the past few days. This morning I felt up to the outing at my local Home Depot. The purpose of this outing is to purchase the fasteners needed to secure acrylic / plexiglass to the 4 sides and top of the vent hood for containing and expelling the air as my laser engraver runs. I could spend hours looking at the various brackets, screws, nuts and bolts. I very much enjoy this and taking note of the latest fasteners available to keep in the back of my head for future usage. I have made decisions that makes sense and have purchased a set of fasteners that will work.

The next step is to secure the right angle brackets to the vent hood frame. Once they are in place I will be able to use the other side of the brackets to bolt plexiglass. They are my mounting point. This is looking very plausible and promising. I am keen to see the laser engraver up and running. The vent hood is the only barrier remaining to start using it. There are still the renovations to the shed needing to be completed. I figure if the laser engraver is up and running then I could at least hire someone to cut plywood for me initially. This isn't entirely ideal. But given the challenges of the past few months this is the best of the available options.

After I left Home Depot and was on the way home I saw one of my friends cleaning his BBQ. Since I was using my power wheelchair I drove up to him to visit. His wife has just died after a 3 month battle from cancer. They were married approximately 50 years. I visited with him for about 90 minutes. I did what I could to support him and listen as he talked. He was very glad I stopped to talk. I've committed to coming back again within a few days to support him at this time. It can't be easy loosing your partner in life after so many years together.