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My Crepe - Tortilla Maker Has Shipped!
[ Monday April 10th 2023 at 9:56 pm ]

I just received an alert as I am winding down for night. The Salton Crepe & Tortilla Maker I ordered has shipped! It will be here in two days. What great news to go to bed with. I am really looking forward to this. It has been working very well for me having a vegetable based wrap for my lunch time. I am finding the meal preparation for this easy. There is minimal clean up making this a really solid strategy. As well the 10 pack of tortillas keep selling out at the store I purchased my groceries at (located in the same plaza as my family doctor office). Also the price of these has nearly doubled since when the pandemic was declared. It isn't hard for me to make these. I get a lot of joy out of using my hands. I will enjoy making these. My hope is to make a month worth at a time and freeze them. I am really pleased. In terms of living with a physical disability and chronic pain this is working well. With so much that has gone wrong I am glad to have found a strategy that works for me.