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Foot Care Appointment
[ Friday March 17th 2023 at 9:30 am ]

I just finished my foot care appointment. I didn't entirely know what to expect. I am pleased. It went well.

A staff nurse does foot care as well as wound care. It is unusual to just require toe nails to be cut. She was pleasantly surprised that nothing else is wrong with my legs. I simply can't take the bending to do this myself. The pain and stiffness becomes too severe for the following 2 days.

My leg circulation is good. She took my pulse using my feet without a problem. She also used a filament to check that I have good sensation in my teeth.

I was asked why I am using a wheelchair. When I explained why it made sense to the nurse why she was helping me. The plan is for me to have a 30 minute appointment every 6 weeks. My life just got easier.

One of the community programs was in progress when I arrived today. It is a social engagement program which includes breakfast. They offered me this as I was leaving. I was pleasantly surprised. This consisted of pancakes (with maple syrup!), a banana, yogurt and juice. I very much appreciated this.

When leaving for this appointment I made an interesting discovery about the rat. When I went to leave there was a rat foraging in my yard near my green bin. This is located about 8 foot from the entrance to my home. This rat saw me, got spooked, ran under the snow and it popped up on my sidewalk where snow has already melted. I saw where it is getting into my home. I am not happy about a rat being in my home. It is very positive to know how it is entering my home. With this knowledge I am able to work towards a permanent solution.