Living Life In A Wheelchair

Managing Paper Shredding With My Physical Disability And Chronic Pain
[ Tuesday May 30th 2017 at 1:09 pm ]

A few weeks ago I received the equivalent of $20 in points for groceries after reporting a mistake made in cereal manufacturing. One of my goals for this year is to buy a garbage can and use it for my paper shredding receptacle. I went into the grocery store today. They have a "one off" garbage can sale for $15. This is about $20 less expensive than the other options I've researched so far.

What this means for me is that I won't need to bend in a way which hurts emptying the paper shredding bin. I also won't need to lean forward in a way that hurts putting the papers through the shredder. By avoiding this I'll be able to do a bit more each day since I won't be in as much pain. It is helping my quality of life. This is going to be so helpful since I am in the midst of deep cleaning my home.

There are 2 parts left to this project:

  • The first is using my skill saw to cut out the shape of the paper shredder in the garbage can lid.
  • I plan to mail order some wheels to make it easy to move the garbage can with shredded paper around my home. This will be about $10.

I am extremely pleased. In the bigger picture I am trying to trouble shoot how to manage my disability since I didn't recovery as expected. I build my life of systems. I know this is one of the keys to keeping my home clean going forward.