Living Life In A Wheelchair

Membership Assistance Program
[ Saturday May 27th 2017 at 10:52 pm ]

The gym I use has a membership assistance program. The purpose for this is for low income individuals to have access to the facility. This is a program I rely on. I genuinely wouldn't be able to afford a gym membership without this.

I am going to receive my first payment from Google for my youTube videos in June 2017. I want to be transparent with the staff involved with this. I just sent them an e-mail.

Initially the payments will be very sporadic. I've asked if the gym would be open to keeping my membership assistance rate consistent for the forthcoming 2 years and accept 15% of income I make during this time period. I think this is fair. The money I make online will remain nominal for some time. It is going to be inconsistent. There is a huge list of items I can't afford with my disability pension. My goal is to honor the essence of the membership policy while trying to build an online income and get myself out of extreme poverty.