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Started Sewing My Black Out Curtains
[ Saturday January 28th 2023 at 6:31 pm ]

I'm going to complete a project I started about 3 years ago: Sewing black out curtains for my home. How this managed to get dropped was because of the time and energy I was invested in my aunt. Initially she tripped on a tomato cage and broke her wrist. Just as she finished healing she was diagnosed from ovarian cancer. Nine months later she died from the ovarian cancer. With how precious life is it was more important to me that I spend time with her and figure out my own life after she died. I am getting back to living my own life again. This is opposed to shadowing my aunt's life.

I've started preparing black out curtain #1 and #2 for sewing. I've selected cloth that has various nature scenes printed on it. The initial step is to trim the inserts that block the sunlight to match the size of the nature scene cloth. Then there is a whole bunch of pinning to do so the cloth will go through the sewing machine with ease. This is what I've been working on today. I'm very pleased with the progress I've made. I can't keep going. I need to let my legs rest and recover for the remainder of today.

I am hoping I am able to continue with the sewing tomorrow. Then keep working on creating the curtains until they are completed. It is going well. If I get some done each day this will get completed in what I hope is just over a week. I like it when a plan comes together. This is going to make the inside of my home so beautiful. The reason I am doing this is to help me sleep better. If I am sleeping better than I should have more energy. The end goal is that I am able to do more with my life.