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Celebrated Christmas
[ Thursday January 5th 2023 at 9:30 pm ]

This evening I celebrated Christmas. The reason it is later than normal stems from a serious snow storm that started on December 24th. The volume of snow paralyzed much of Ontario. It was intense. There were all kinds of vehicles off road. Also a VIA Rail train derailed followed by a tree falling onto the derailed train. The upshot is that the family I normally have a meal with postponed their Christmas travel. With other commitments this was the first opportunity to get together.

I had a really special time. Their son wanted me to spend time with him teaching him how to get started with an . This is a prototyping computer. It has a steep learning curve in getting started. There are several simple projects a person does to get a base skill set. I thoroughly enjoy working with DC electricity. I have some single board computers. They interest me and I find this very enjoyable. As a child and in my teens I went the route of technology instead of pursuing sports because of the hip disease I suffered with as a young child and complications that I began experiencing when I was growing into a man.

I've had a wonderful time this evening. I wish the time spent with an Arduino had been with my own son. But given the physical challenges I've contended with for several years this was still very special and a wonderful opportunity to begin passing on my skills.