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Ordered A Set Of 12 Inch F Clamps
[ Saturday December 31st 2022 at 2:36 pm ]

I've realized the F clamps I purchased on sale a few weeks ago are in limited supply. I really like this model. It is an all metal construction made out of steel and cast iron. The 12 inch F clamp model is on sale. I've purchased a set of 6. I am expecting to start using these this summer once the shed renovations are completed. I am aiming to spend 3 afternoons a week doing woodworking. This will depend upon my legs, sleep and medical appointments. I am hopeful of it working. This represents my best prospects. I just need to finish the cleaning and organizing of the main floor of my home this winter. It is going to be a push to get this done so my focus goes back to the shed in the spring. I am trying my best.