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Treating Knee Tendon Tenodesis With Physiotherapy Ultrasound
[ Wednesday December 7th 2022 at 3:14 pm ]

I got the results of my MRI from November 30th. There are about 5 tissues in my knee that are fraying. There was a a type of swelling that supports the presence of a tear. None of them by themselves are serious. It seems like enough of them together is affecting me.

In the short term I've identified what I can do to help myself. There is a tendon that has essentially become rigid and started fraying. The medical term is "tenodesis". To stop the pain it now needs to be vibrated aggressively to break off what is fraying and that should reduce the pain I am experiencing. The surgery for this uses a vibrator that pulses at 20,000 times a minute.

Last night I got my physiotherapy ultrasound machine out. I put it in a very aggressive mode. (As in I put a drop of water on the physiotherapy ultrasound machine head that goes against your skin. It was jiggling around so much the water boiled.)

I ran the physiotherapy ultrasound machine on the tendon that is fraying for 2 minutes. About 2 - 3 minutes after I stopped it started paining. It is safe for me to do this 2 - 3 more times.

I didn't need to use the cream the doctor gave me for my knee in mid November at bed time. I did put it on this morning. It was only very mildly tender. It seems positive. But 2 - 3 more treatments are appropriate before more help from the medical community.