Living Life In A Wheelchair

Giving The Gift Of Hope
[ Friday May 19th 2017 at 10:53 pm ]

There is a woman at the pool I know who has muscular dystrophy. Tonight she was talking about a few errands she needs help with:

  • Getting the window air conditioner unit in so she is able to sleep well at night
  • Her scooter batteries need special recharging since the scooter wasn't used during the winter months
  • Needs help assembling a BBQ

As she talking about these I could relate from my own physical disability. The immediate 2 chores are the air conditioner and the special charging for her scooter batteries. I own the equipment to charge the scooter batteries. Otherwise a mobility store would bill to do this. The BBQ will be purchased in about 6 weeks.

I asked her if she trusted me to bring someone with me to do the window air conditioner. She is ok with this. I have built trust with her as I've talked with her and interacted with her child in the pool.

I find wheelchair maintenance easy when it is in my part of the world. I'll have to give some instruction on how to retrieve the batteries from the scooter. Then I'll need to do the same to return this. I know this is something I able to do. She wants to use the scooter so she can drive as her daughter bikes along side of her.