Living Life In A Wheelchair

Colossal Setback With My Physical Disability
[ Tuesday May 16th 2017 at 1:05 pm ]

Last evening I had an appointment with my family doctor. He asked that I use a recumbent exercise bike for 2 minutes with no tension. This is an exercise that typically helps hip and knee joints when a recovery is expected.

The last time I attempted this was in October 2016. It caused a 3 day setback at that time. I willingly agreed to doing this. I don't mind revisiting something that didn't work if there a possibility that it will now prove helpful.

After my doctor appointment Monday evening I attended the gym to do this. Each rotation took 9 seconds. During the 2 minutes I did a total of 13.

This has severely backfired. My knee joints throbbed for 10 hours. The pain has now finally peaked. This built over a span of 16 hours. Ice brought no lasting relief. My knees are now responding as my hip joints did prior to undergoing hip replacement surgery.

I know my body. I've lived with pain and physical challenges for the past 12 years. I expect this to be a minimum of a 5 day setback. I am not able to do much when I am weak. These setbacks leave me a very weakened state.