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I Just Requested A Dental Cleaning
[ Wednesday September 14th 2022 at 12:21 pm ]

My last dental cleaning was just as the coronavirus was becoming a thing and awareness raised in 2020. I've just requested my next appointment. It feels like I am getting a cavity. I've tried and as businesses open up still am trying my best to avoid high risk activities. Clearly the need for dental care is now the result of a "pro" verses "con" decision. I can't wish a tooth cavity away. This needs dealing with.

To the best of my memory my next scheduled dental cleaning appointment was cancelled due to lock downs imposed by the Government of Ontario and that this wasn't urgently required treatment. Then when the dentist office started doing routine cleanings I was asked 3 separate times to call their office for a covid related discussion. I was having a particularly difficult time with my chronic pain. I wasn't able to carry on a phone call on those days on account of my chronic pain. I absolutely hate using my chronic pain as an excuse. I was being asked to do something I couldn't do.

Each time I responded by e-mail. But instead of common sense prevailing this caused reception to dig into their position that a phone call must occur. In my e-mail responses I wasn't trying to avoid the topic. I had undergone coronavirus screening at appointments with my family doctor. I knew this needed to happen. I was articulating that I was following guidance coming from the appointed committee from the Ontario legislature and the doctors who were being interviewed in the media.

Overall the function of my knees and hips is less than in 2020. Periodically the dentist has asked me if I am able to tolerate dental treatment using their chair in a reclining position. What I am thinking to do for this appointment is bring a photograph of my electric hospital bed and ask that the dental chair be positioned similar to it so we aren't straining my hips and knees and putting me into a pain cycle.