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Request For Replacing The Shed Roof Quote
[ Thursday July 21st 2022 at 1:55 pm ]

I think I am making progress to get the shed roof replaced. Recently Home Depot gave me the name of a metal roof installer. I just reached out to him and requested a quote. We exchanged text messages. Then I sent him a detailed e-mail with photos explaining the honest mistake that occurred when my metal roof order was placed. I included my goals for the building so this makes sense.

Once I have his quote I will supply it to my local Home Depot. They continue to be supportive and wanting to make the roof right. I am not upset that the product code for a metal roof and metal barn siding was mixed up when my order was entered into Home Depot's computer system. This is an honest mistake I could have made myself. The store staff have been good about wanting to make this right. I don't fault Home Depot. I can't fault an honest mistake.