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Purchased Conduit Straps For Ethernet Cable Management In My Shed Renovation
[ Monday July 11th 2022 at 11:19 am ]

I am planning to setup Ethernet in the shed before insulation. In part I limit using wireless / WiFi to what requires this and doesn't have an Ethernet connection. As well I prefer the reliability of using Ethernet cables. I am planning to setup jacks throughout the shed. I am going to run the Ethernet cables to the switch through the attic. I have purchased direct burial grade Ethernet. They are able to tolerate this environment. In a very practical way this will be much easier for routing the wires. I won't be drilling holes in the studs to route them. I've decided to use conduit straps for this purchase. These will neatly install in the attic and will give a space to feed the Ethernet cables through in a similar way as threading a needle.