Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivered Requsition For Bilateral Knee MRI Imaging
[ Wednesday May 10th 2017 at 4:31 pm ]

I just hand delivered the MRI referral to the hospital. This sets in motion new imaging of both my knee joints on a brand new "state of the art" MRI machine. The new machine is reported to have a higher definition. I believe this is a very positive step forward in my treatment.

I hand delivered it to the hospital with a special request: The symptoms in my knee joints are significantly worse at night. This includes the skin around both knee joints turning red, swelling and is very painful. I've asked that the hospital schedule my imaging in the evening. I've been taken seriously. The receptionist added this request to my referral. It will be seen by a radiology doctor tomorrow to dictate the technical parameters of the scan. Then my request will be forwarded onto scheduling.

I've indicated a willingness to come for a short notice appointment. Candidly speaking I am known to the hospital because of the frequent use of their services. I am confident in this process moving smoothly for me.

At a practical note, for those who would be concerned, I am allowed to hire a para transit vehicle, if necessary, to get me to this appointment. Alternatively I am just as happy to drive my power wheelchair if there isn't inclement weather. The drive to the hospital is half the distance I go each week night for my physiotherapy in the pool.

I would appreciate those who have faith in the Lord Jesus to pray for the doctors and technicians who will be dealing with me.