Living Life In A Wheelchair

Run Away Arthritis And Pain Attack
[ Tuesday May 9th 2017 at 10:49 pm ]

Today I've had a run away pain and arthritis attack. This is truly the only way to describe it. I ended up with a fever because of how intense the pain had become. All my hip and knee joints as well as my lower spine were hot to the touch. It has been several years since the pain has been this bad. It took getting into the pool and the pool water cooling down my core temperature to get this under control. This has left me sufficiently weak.

I've been thinking tonight. I can't properly take care of myself when the pain is this bad. I realize today is unusual. But overall my physical disability is worsening. I am going to need help to maintain living independently.

Right now I am thinking having someone to clean and do my laundry would take the most stress off my body and give me the best quality of life. This should only equate to 4 - 5 hours of help every second week. I am going to reflect on this idea over the next few weeks. If I still feel this is the best tactical approach I will need financial support to do this. I don't have the financial means of hiring someone to help me. There is no program I am eligible to receive funding through for this purpose.