Living Life In A Wheelchair

Voted By Special Ballot
[ Thursday May 12th 2022 at 10:52 am ]

I've voted by special ballot since my hips became a critical issue in 2006. With the Province of Ontario in an election I applied for my special ballot. It arrived yesterday. I have just completed it. In both this and the recent federal election postage paid envelopes were included for returning the ballot. In the past I've been responsible for returning the ballot. I am glad this is done. I am quite alarmed that under the leadership of Premier Rob Ford the Government of Ontario has not increased the Ontario Disability Support Program benefit rate for the past few years. This is creating a humanitarian crisis. Yet now that it is election time he has announced a 5% benefit rate increase. To me this smells like buying votes. Beyond this the cancellation of renewable electricity projects, the termination of license plate stickers and other issues I see the need for wholesale change. I am glad to have voted in the current election. There is a lot at stake.