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Increasing The Safety Of My New Power Wheelchair Batteries Connection
[ Monday April 24th 2017 at 11:09 am ]

My new power wheelchair has upgraded batteries. This will give the wheelchair a greater range. While the 2 wheelchair batteries were being joined together in series it became apparent that the wrong cable was provided for my power wheelchair. It is under an enormous amount of tension. I can tell this won't stand up to the test of time. I can see that the terminal connectors (the part of the cable that joints to the batteries) is going to experience metal fatigue and eventually break off. This will lead me stranded. This morning I went to local industrial electrical supply place vendor. They gave me a length of wire so I can crimp a proper cable. I own the tool and the proper terminal connectors for this job.

While I am speaking of wheelchair batteries I want to share a top tip with any power wheelchair users who will read this: I am able to purchase Group 22NF and Group 24 for significantly less money and a much longer warranty at a local big box store. I want to put the word out there that there are options of where to purchase replacement batteries when you don't have funding, the money is coming out of your own pocket and you are living on a fixed income. Manufacturer guides for replacing power wheelchair batteries are readily available online.