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My Backyard Is Dormant Seeded
[ Sunday November 21st 2021 at 1:52 pm ]

The final stage of managing the flooding experienced during the spring thaw: The backyard is now graded. I had to order in grass seed. One of my friend's just did what is known as dormant seeding. This means putting the grass seed down just before the snow comes, the snow insulates it during the winter months and then the spring thaw and rain waters it. The plan is to revisit my backyard grading once the grass is growing to see what are high and low areas that need tweaking. I don't mind trying something new. I think this works out. The concept makes sense. This isn't to mention all the effort that went into grading my backyard. The ground will be so soft in the spring without grass that the effort to grade it will be lost. I am really hoping this works out. I sure have appreciated the help.