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A Friend Spent 3 Hours Helping Me With The Above Ground Installation For My Weather Station Setup
[ Thursday September 2nd 2021 at 7:50 pm ]

One of my friends spent the past 3 hours assisting me with the physical installation of my weather station setup. The vast majority of the time he was on a ladder doing the above ground installation. We've made great progress. There are three items that remain:

  • Flood Lights Installation
    Two flood lights will shine on the weather station sensor. This will be an easy check if something breaks and if maintenance needs to be completed after dark. The other two will shine on the ground. This is to make working on the weather station safer. This is based on a flashlight providing light to a limited area. Any future maintenance should be done safely.
  • Air Dehumidification Components
    A modest amount of the 12 volt electricity turns into heat. This creates condensation during the winter months. Dehydrating the air is to help break the cycle. I am using water absorbing balls to accomplish this. The air passing through the weather station power distribution junction box will be limited in humidity and in theory avoid another power arc. Also this time I am including resetable fuses. These will trip in the event of a power arc. This should help keep everything safe.
  • Weather Cam
    I am setting up an outdoor camera with my weather station. This is to take photos of the sky with the automated weather reports. This will help increase the quality of the weather data my setup produces.

I am waiting on components for the flood lights and air dehumidification. The weather cam requires me to design the mounting system. My hips are very stiff and nearly unserviceable right now. I think my best course of action is focusing on the air dehumidification. Then I will tackle the remaining two. My body obviously needs time to rest and recover before I do more. The air dehumidification installation is at ground level. It will be easy on my body doing the preparation work.

All in all I am really pleased with progress. This has been a lot of work to get this far. It is truly wonderful seeing this coming together.