Living Life In A Wheelchair

Pain Clinic Called About Stem Cell Transplant
[ Wednesday May 19th 2021 at 1:39 pm ]

The manager of the regenerative medicine program called to talk to me about the program they offer. I've really appreciated the time she spent talking to me. The main reason for the phone call was to briefly explain the process and affirm that I am interested to the extent of having the assessment to determine if I am candidate.

In 2019 the Health Canada put an end to actual stem cell transplants. What they are now offering is commonly referred to as PRP. The actual wording is platelet-rich plasma. The symptoms of this is to have a blood draw, spin down the blood into it's component parts and then inject the platelet-rich plasma into an area of the body that experienced a stalled healed. This effectively tells the body there is a stalled healing that continues to need attention.

I am willing to do anything reasonable to avoid orthopaedic surgery. I am at the point of travelling outside of Canada to pursue knee replacement surgery. Certainly having a go at this on one of my knee joints is worth it. There is very little risk in this procedure. This is something that can be repeated either in a series of appointments or at the re-onset of pain this treated. They made it clear that some people experience a healing after a few weeks; Otherwise it takes several months.

The worst that can happen to me is that I experience no benefit whatsoever. Considering that I am already committed to pursuing knee replacement surgery I am certainly willing to try. I don't take surgery lightly. I've had the full spectrum of opinions about my physical disability from various health care professionals. This has left me to pick who I believe and why. I've also been able to rule out why I discredit some health care professionals and why.