Living Life In A Wheelchair

PVC Conduit Delivered For Burying Weather Station And Yard Drainage CCTV Wires
[ Monday May 17th 2021 at 5:13 pm ]

A friend has just done me a huge favour. He picked up my order of PVC conduit and fittings. These are here now! These are needed for burying the low voltage power wires and Ethernet that will be for my weather station, weather cam and adding CCTV to my yard drainage so I may see it working.

  • I setup the weather station as a way of giving back. I've had a life long interest in the weather. This helped me feel better about the ongoing help I require on account of my physical disability. I broadcast the weather details to 4 hobby web sites, NOAA (the United States federal weather service) and The MET Office (England's federal weather service).
  • The yard drainage is working amazingly. I had virtually no water pooling during the spring thaw. I am curious and keen to see it at work.