Living Life In A Wheelchair

Beginning The Clean Up For The Intruder
[ Saturday May 1st 2021 at 12:53 pm ]

I am really impressed with the local city police. Their Victim Services division just reached out to me. This stems from the break and enter that occurred about 1 weeks ago. They were calling me to ask if I was coping with life okay or if I needed a referral to a therapist. They explained some people become paralyzed with fear after a break and enter. I wasn't specifically targeted. This hadn't occurred with me.

I asked for the help from a friend that I did require (figuring out a plan to clean up the mess created) on the afternoon this happened. One of the friends I made a few weeks after my most recent orthopaedic surgery came over for about 30 minutes to help me figure this out. I am positive there are people where this would become a life line. But I am not needing this.