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Junction Boxes Screwed To Yard Drain ... The Process To Add CCTV Has Begun!
[ Tuesday April 27th 2021 at 7:08 pm ]

I am really pleased. I now have the junction boxes attached to my yard drain. This is the beginning of the process of adding CCTV to my yard drainage. The effort to address the yard drainage in my back yard was so extensive that I am curious to see it work. My yard was dry in the spring. It appears to have worked. I am interested in seeing melting snow and the summer rains using the drain to get below the frost line and having water absorbed into the ground.

The really neat part about this is what was discovered while digging the hole for the yard drain. We found the footing of the old well this property used before being connected to city water. Presumably the yard drain is around the same level as where the water table is. It will be neat to see whatever CCTV reveals about this. Curiosity really has got the better of me.