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Ordered SDD Drive For My Crypto Currency Mining Rig: Take 2
[ Friday March 12th 2021 at 10:47 pm ]

I've made a silly mistake. I ordered only one SSD drive for my crypto currency mining rig. But I'm needing two. I am going to be using a RAID 1 hardware PCI card in order provide redundancy for Windows 10 operating system. If I am going to rely on this as a source of income I would like redundancy with the operating system. This will give me time to respond when one of the SSD drives eventually fails.

The SSD drives I've ordered are high quality. They are designed for use in NAS devices. These drives are rugged. They should withstand the bursts of data wrote to the drive while validating crypto currency transactions. I am also going to create an ISO image once the computer is setup and installed. This is what I'd use if I experience drive failure.

Finally I have purchased a UPS battery backup - surge protector. Where I live there is above ground wiring. There are frequent power surges. I want to protect the equipment from damage caused by a power surge.