Living Life In A Wheelchair

Use Of Physiotherapy Ultrasound On My Hips
[ Sunday February 28th 2021 at 9:30 pm ]

This evening I gave my hip joints each a physiotherapy ultrasound treatment. I've re-developed the symptoms bursitis. This has been a recurring theme with my awkward gait. I own a physiotherapy ultrasound machine for this exact problem. I have the chart a physiotherapist uses to determine what is the appropriate treatment.

With a chronic condition it was significantly less expensive to own the machine. To date this piece of equipment has saved me several thousand dollars in fees I'd experience if I attended a physiotherapy clinic. As well this is in my home and I am able to use it when needed instead of needing to wait for a physiotherapist availability. However physiotherapy ultrasound needs to be used with much wisdom in order to avoid causing an injury (such as a torn tendon).