Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivery Of Toner For Color Laser Printer
[ Friday February 19th 2021 at 2:52 pm ]

The toner cartridges I ordered for my color laser printer have arrived. They are replacing the starter toner that came with the printer that is now depleted. My printer has accepted these automatically. I am glad this is taken care of and I have a solution for replacement toner. I have used generic toner cartridges. The combined cost of a set of branded cartridges is more than I paid for the original printer. The generic cartridges are reasonably priced and match OEM specifications. I purchased the printer for desktop publishing. This is in pursuit of self employment.

Initially what has become really helpful is the scanner. I am using this to scan my bills and keep PDF copies. This amounts to less clutter in my home. I have a file system on my computer with folders for each utility provider. They are easily retrieves. Periodically I need to print these for my disability case workers. The only key for someone considering this is to have a backup copy for in the event of drive failure. I am so glad I thought to try this.