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Grow Light Stand Assembled For My Dwarf Banana Plant
[ Thursday January 7th 2021 at 1:08 pm ]

I just finished assembling my grow light stand. This is for my dwarf banana plant. The leaves are showing that it needs more light to make it through the winter. I made the stand with ¾" plumbing conduit, elbows and a few tees. I am using a pair of eye bolts and carabiners for the grow light to hang from. I filled the base with sand for additional stability and solvent welded it together.

When the covid19 lock down ends I want to get another piece of ¾" conduit, cut it in half and drill ¼" holes every 4". This is to make it so the position of the grow light can be easily adjusted as the plant grows. This will be the same idea as an elevator in moving the light higher. You don't want the grow light so close to the plant that it burns the leaves overwhelming them with light.