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Eligible For Multi Product Rebate From RBC Royal Bank
[ Thursday December 24th 2020 at 10:49 pm ]

When I had my financial planning appointment for cashing my most recent inheritance installment and contributing money to my Registered Disability Savings Plan we opened an RBC chequing account. This was purely out of being practical in response to covid19. Right now Canada Post is very backed up. It would take around 15 days for the remainder fo the inheritance money to get to me. The financial planner was equally concerned about it becoming lost in the mail. Opening up the chequing account was to make it easy to assist me.

RBC rebates the monthly chequing fee when customers have multiple products with them. What I was missing was a credit card. I just applied and was approved for this. This will make it easy to assist me in the future. I certainly can appreciate this. I think covid19 is going to be affecting us for the next few years. As well RBC has setup for remote appointments. Having the chequing account while the remainder of the inheritance is processed makes sense.

In the bigger picture I have my mortgage and Registered Disability Savings Plan with RBC I can setup the chequing account for my payments and contributions to come out of this chequing account. Ultimately I'm stream lining my financial transactions.