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Assessment Of My Physical Disability
[ Monday December 21st 2020 at 3:39 pm ]

My physical disability is going to be re-assessed. My knees have been worsening. I am trying to make the best out of my life. The two options that will be discussed are knee surgery and stem cell transplants.

A knee stem cell transplant really interests me. However I was discussing this with someone knowledgeable about the procedure available here in Ontario Canada. The stem cells being harvested are not the high grade ones presently being studied. I was cautioned not to get my hopes up. But then on the other hand since I am back into a corner it seems a viable option to consider.

An appointment notice has just arrived in the mail. But I am very unsure if this appointment will happen on the date it is scheduled. After the appointment notice was mailed to me the Province of Ontario announced a lock down to start on December 26th 2020. I just got off the phone with orthopedic clinic central booking office. The hospital is presently assessing what is essential and what they are cancelling during the lock down. I am also given the option to re-book without penalty due to covid19.

I've decided to wait and see if the clinic is cancelled before considering re-booking the appointment. The organization that drives me to my medical appointments has confirmed they will take me to any medical appointments needed throughout covid19.