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More Inheritance Money Is On It's Way
[ Sunday December 20th 2020 at 10:57 pm ]

My brother just sent me a short e-mail. The next inheritance installment is on it's way. It appears my planning ahead has helped me. Canada Post has become hopelessly behind due to the volume of online shopping courtesy of covid19. I specified my portion of this inheritance installment be sent directly to the financial planner at my local branch. It should be in town within a few days. Presumably RBC has a courier system in place for branch deliveries.

This is very important to me. There are two immediate crucial needs for these funds. The first is making an end of year lump sum contribution to my Registered Disability Savings Plan. I try really hard to help myself. My power wheelchair is a key part of my strategy for managing my physical needs. There is no maintenance coverage for me once I turn 65 years old. I need to have money set aside to maintain it. I am counting on my Registered Disability Savings Plan for this purpose.

My other immediate need of money is for the shed to office renovation. There is a shed on my property that was built in 2002. The framing is the same as a small home or cabin. I plan to use this as a home office in my pursuit of self employment. I am trying really hard to make life work. I want more than a disability pension for my life. I am willing to work hard to accomplish this if it is possible. What I am focusing on right now is my laser engraver and my youTube channel. What's next will be writing books themed around living with a physical disability and chronic pain. I want to help others from the skills I've developed.