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Purchased More Wart Killer
[ Saturday December 19th 2020 at 3:37 pm ]

The covid19 protocol now prevents me from going to my family doctor for additional nitrogen freezing treatments. I am at a cross roads of what to do with the wart on my finger. The only facility in town I may pursue treatment is at my local hospital emergency department. I can justify this. I am trying to take care of myself.

However I thought I'd try one additional step before doing this. I've decided to cut most of the wart out in the same fashion as I've seen in videos showing the treatment of warts. Then I will have one more go at using a combination of using over the counter 17% salicylic acid and freezing. I was able to trim about ¾ of the wart off without pain.

I have just purchased the over the counter treatments. This is my 4th attempt. I've been chasing this around for several months. I am hopeful it will work. But if it doesn't then I will need a dermatologist referral to finish cutting it out.