Living Life In A Wheelchair

UPS Battery Backup - Surge Protector Setup In Office With NAS Device
[ Thursday December 10th 2020 at 2:22 pm ]

The UPS battery backup - surge protector for my home office is now setup. I have my NAS (network attached storage) devices connected to it. This will provide reliable WiFi for when I am out there working. The office still needs a lot of work to get it setup. Much of this won't happen until spring - summer 2021. I am trying to get a few of the pieces set in place that will be helpful. It is nice to see a bit of progress on this today.

I use the NAS devices for my backups. I am glad to get them in a separate building than my home. This is part of the safety net so I won't loose everything if something terrible happened to my home. I heavily rely on the computer on account of my physical disability. It is as much of a tool as my power wheelchair is.