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Prepared Dryer Vents For Use With My Laser Engraver Ventilation Fans
[ Thursday December 3rd 2020 at 9:10 am ]

The next step for setting up my laser engraver vent hood is almost complete. Using only 1 ventilation fan isn't enough to stay ahead of the smell the laser engraver creates while etching photos onto the wood. I am setting up 3 ventilation fans. Instead of setting up a rectangle box where the 3 fans would dump their air and only a single vent in the window it was much easier to buy 2 more and give each fan it's own vent. I now have these seated in the piece of plywood that sits in the window. I am using silicone to join 4" HVAC flanges to the 12" length of conduit attached to the dryer vent. This makes it much easier to join the flexible duct on the aluminum conduit. The HVAC flange is beveled at the top. A gear clamp secures this connection. This is all to say that the process for setting up the ventilation is progressing smoothly and I am pleased.