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Metal Roof Panels Are All Installed
[ Friday November 13th 2020 at 4:39 pm ]

I have wonderful news to share. All the metal roofing panels are now up. I am so pleased. There are still a few finishing touches to do. It is such a relief to have the roof on.

The roof was falling apart in 2019. Then a tree fell on it during a severe storm in October 2019. That finished the roof off. I tarped it. I was going to replace it in the spring. But then covid19 came along. All of the sudden it was August 2020 and it needed to get done.

I ordered the roof through my local Home Depot. They were really good to me in sorting out the parts, creating the order and getting it delivered. A few of the pieces were damaged in transit. They were easy to work with in getting replacements here.

Although it took a bit longer to get it installed than I had hoped it is done now. This is all that matters. To be honest I was surprised that it was possible to even order the roof due to covid19. So much is shut down right now. Also many supply chains have been interrupted. I was expecting to need to tarp the roof during this winter and deal with it in spring 2021. I am simply grateful to have it completed. I don't have to worry about it leaking any more.

I plan to use this building as a home office. The metal roof is a milestone accomplishment in this process. I have insulation left over from when more was added to the house attic this spring. I will be using the rest in the attic as the next step to making the building useful year round. It is really good to be sorting out my goals and seeing progress.

I really want self employment to work out. I'm willing to do what I have control over to help myself.