Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ultrasound Scan Of My Right Knee Joint
[ Tuesday February 28th 2017 at 8:57 am ]

I've just arrived home from the ultrasound scan of my right knee joint. For what an ultrasound is able to do for me I am pleased that this has been the next correct step.

However the technician questioned why I was having an ultrasound instead of an MRI. She confirmed the parameters of the ultrasound technology: If there is a complete tendon or ligament tear it would be identified. However a meniscus tear couldn't be diagnosed. It is also my understanding that the articular cartilage isn't image-able due to the knee cap bone absorbing ultrasound waves.

The MRI machine at my local hospital is being replaced with the newest model. It will produce better quality images. If a distinct tear hasn't been identified undergoing an updating MRI is a reasonable step.

The reality is that I am only able to take enough steps to get to the toilet. I am having to walk as a penguin does (without repeatedly bending and straightening my knee joints) or out of control pain is caused. This is much worse than the worst I had to deal with in my hip joints prior to each being replaced.

I have the will and desire to live a productive life. If this doesn't lead to a path that gains control over the pain I will pursue a knee traveling surgery in Spain. My motivation to make something out of my life hasn't wavered even with the repeated setbacks. What I've read that specifically applies to me supports that knee replacement surgery as a last resort will increase my quality of life. The other key option which has my attention is a stem cell transplant.

I have a follow up appointment with my family doctor on March 20th 2017. We will review the report from the radiologist and go from there. The passage of time will allow the replacement of my local hospital's MRI machine to progress. I don't deem this as a wasted time.