Living Life In A Wheelchair

My Freezer Delivery Has Been Re-Booked
[ Friday September 11th 2020 at 1:45 pm ]

I have received confirmation that my new vertical freezer delivery has been rescheduled. It was to be delivered today. But the city re-sealed the street I live on to combat the effects of cracks and pot holes forming in the street. I called the foreman when I was notified of this two days ago. It ideally needed 3 days to cure before delivery trucks drive on the street. The upshot of this is that my new vertical freezer delivery had to be rescheduled. It will arrive on September 16th.

I am really looking forward to this happening. The freezer this is replacing broke at the start of May. I typically cook and freezer about 3 months worth of meals at a time. The reason this has been delayed is due to covid19. The vertical freezer I wanted to purchase is made to order. When it arrives I'll be able to get back to my routine.