Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivery Of New Music Computer Power Supply
[ Friday June 26th 2020 at 9:08 am ]

The replacement music computer power supply has been delivered! This computer is to display my sheet music. The reason I need this is because of my hips and knees. Reaching for music can put me in bed because of the pain reaching and bending causes me. I am trying to find solutions to the short comings of my body. I really miss playing the piano for church services, weddings and special events. At least I'll be able to enjoy it here.

My music computer is setup adjacent to my audio equipment. I'll be able to use this for recording the audio for my youTube videos, music and when I've started writing books making audio versions. My plans are coming together. There is still a way to go. I am so pleased that I've made gains on my goals. So far 2020 is going well considering the setbacks with my hips and knees this year.