Living Life In A Wheelchair

Passed The Basic Drone Test
[ Monday April 27th 2020 at 9:36 pm ]

Last summer I setup a weather station in my back yard. There was a practical component to this (with the local forecast being inaccurate and repeatedly getting me caught in the rain and risk damaging my power wheelchair). There was a community component in sharing the weather data generated. As well this allowed me to begin a weather study to assess if a residential wind turbine would help generate some of my electricity.

The next natural step for me is to start flying drones. I enjoy God's creation. I periodically make nature videos. It would be nice to include drone video footage in these. As well in terms of co-existing with my physical disability this should improve my quality of life. So this evening I took and passed the basic drone operators exam. In fact I did very well. The required grade is 65%. I scored exactly 80%.

I still want to be thorough and methodical. I am going to meet with someone in town who already is a drone operator. Then I can ensure I am able to control the drone and be safe before I spend money on my own drone. I think being slow and thorough is best.