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Ordered A Mini Table Saw For Cutting My Laser Engraver Wood
[ Friday April 24th 2020 at 9:15 pm ]

I've had a bit of a disappointing discovery. The wood I decided to start etching my nature photos onto was a purchase from Amazon. I have just discovered it has been sold out and Amazon is unsure if they will sell the product again in the future. I am at the point of needing a reliable local supplier for the wood.

What makes sense for etching my nature photos is ¼" plywood. There is all kinds of ¼" plywood options available at the local hardware store. This is commonly used for installing new flooring. But a traditional table saw is likely to produce a jagged cut edge because the wood is so thin.

I have ordered a mini table saw. It is designed for cutting thin wood. I will need to make a box to sit it in so I am able to have a 30" wide x 16" deep work area. My plan is to produce etching the size of enlarged photos. Photo sizes are standardized. I think this is a good strategy.

The mini table saw is coming from Hong Kong. I've spoke to DHL's Canadian operations supervisor. She has graciously offered to alert me when customs and duty import charges are assessed. With Covid 19 happening I don't want to get the table saw stuck in transit because of these fees and prevent a delivery. It would be very difficult restarting the process. DHL is earnestly interested in helping me. I explained what is going on. I am very grateful.