Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Huge Surprise From Home Depot
[ Monday April 20th 2020 at 8:42 pm ]

Several weeks ago I ordered a load of insulation from Home Depot. They used two store pallets to ship this on. Due to Covid19 I've not been able to return the pallets to the store and my efforts to date in requesting these be picked up haven't been successful. When a neighbor went to move the pallets out of the way on the weekend he saw the wood had started to rot. I wanted to get these back to the store before they were destroyed.

The store came for them this afternoon. I just went to put some recycling into my blue box. I've had a very pleasant surprise. Someone within Home Depot was on the ball. They included a recent order for curb pickup I placed when they came for the pallets. I am so grateful.

This has honestly made what was otherwise a very difficult and challenging pain day pleasant. it is really sweet. I prayed for the Lord Jesus to send encouragement because of how weak I was feeling at bed time on account of my physical disability. I wasn't even thinking about my order when I prayed this. Today is ending well.