Living Life In A Wheelchair

Medication Delivery
[ Wednesday April 1st 2020 at 11:09 am ]

My next medication has been delivered. I enjoy the short visits with the driver. He is a hard worker. He has also been very gracious in encouraging me as I plug away at my projects and life goals. He has also been understanding with the set of issues I'm saving with my knees and my hips. I treasure and value these short visits.

This morning I asked if he would do me a favor. Before going to bed I scanned my income tax return for my own records. I keep postage stamps here in my home. I prepared an envelope addressed to Canada Revenue Agency containing my 2019 income tax return. I asked if the driver would mind mailing this for me when he has time and sees a curb side Canada Post drop box in his travels around town making his deliveries. He agreed to do this for me. I am very grateful for this.