Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivery Of Insulation
[ Thursday March 12th 2020 at 1:40 pm ]

My yard has been over taken by bags of insulation! But I'm so happy right now.

To back up this winter I received a subsidy from the County to help with my cost of heating and to prevent homelessness. I've been using my inheritance to underwrite my cost of living while quickly paying down my mortgage.

I've started thinking about my future. I desperately need central air conditioning. This isn't about being in competition with the neighbors or trying to be the "status quo". My body has become so fragile that when I get hot I am overtaken by pain, in bed and completely ineffective.

If I add central air conditioning to my home there is an unintended consequence. It will increase my cost of housing. To permanently combat this I've invested my winter housing subsidy + $300 of my inheritance money to buy 17 bags of insulation. The local Home Depot has just delivered this.

One of my neighbors said he'd stage the insulation in preparation for it being installed this coming week. He is going to position the bags at the 2 entrances of my attic. Then I'll be contacting the young adult that has so graciously offered to install this for me to work out a date - time that works for it to be installed.

I realy do like it when a plan comes together.